WoW Farming Bot

Gold is everything in World of Warcraft, but takes way to much work and also too much time searching for the farming ore, herbs, resources and such. Everyone is always searching for that easiest strategy: maximum profits, minimum time and work, and there isn't any better program than WoW Farming Bot to achieve that the fastest and most stress free way possible.

WoW Farming Bot

WoW Farming Bot

The Only World of Warcraft Farming Bot

Completely Dominate your Realm's Auction House. WoW Farming Bot can have you rolling in bankfull of mats and alts filled with gold by farming herbs, ore, and resources. Put your WoW character where you want to farm, record a proper path for your character that you want travel along, so your wow character will move along with your preferences and farm the exact things you want rather than taking up bag space with useless trash.

WoW Farming bot has Background mode, Safety, Humanistic movement.

You may also run the World of Warcraft Farming Bot in the background so you can run multiple bots at the same exact time, or use your coputer for other use without interruption. When your character's bags are filled, an alarm will be sounded to let you to know and it will also mail the resources. WoW Farming Bot is made in the safety of your character will behave like a player when traveling so it eliminates any risks of being noticed by players of you botting.

World of Warcraft Farming Bot makes your life easier!

WoW Farming Bot is made to make everyone's life easier, allowing you to farm at any time when you want, be it when you are asleep, or at work or school.

WoW Farming Bot Video

Features Included

You may run up to 3 accounts simultaneously allowing you to multibot with 1 purchase!

Works with skill level from 1-450
- Herbalism and Mining, perfect for professions.
- Farms Resources: Herbalism and Ores
- Use any Flying Mount
- Works with ALL Classes
Mails items, and has alarm functions.
- Attacks monsters when they're near the resources.
- Works without having to watch it, fully automated.
- Operates in the background.